It's our 40th Anniversary! (5/11/2015)

Come by the shop Saturday, June 13th, and join Creative Hands in celebrating 40 years in business with some cake, wine...and Wee Forest Folk! Order by June 6th (extended deadline!) and receive a $25 gift certificate! Click on the images for more views and more information.

M-397v Wee Zoo
$500.00 Creative Hands 40th anniversary piece
M-412v Blake
$54.00 companion piece (1"W x .75"H)

More details to come (as of 5/26/2015); watch our anniversary page!

A Specially Embellished Yummy! Only at Creative Hands! Call to order now! (5/15/2013)
M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 Embellished with apple...Mmmm!

New Wee Forest Folk for 2015
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

New Sculptures for Fathers Day! (5/22/2015)

M-525 My Hero
M-527 Little Couch Potato

New Limited Sculptures for Mothers Day! (4/9/2015) Available until June 1, 2015

M-240c I Love You, Mom!
M-463a Mommies at the Park

New Sculptures for Easter! (2/27/2015)

M-445b Mary's Little Lamb
M-522 Teddy's Easter Hug
M-523 Cozy Easter Couple
M-524 Easter Morning Surprise

New Limited Sculpture for Easter! (2/27/2015) Available until April 30, 2015

M-353b Peep, Peep...Surprise!

New Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/24/2015)

M-499a Little Sweetheart Girl
M-477a How Sweet It Is!

New Limited Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/24/2015) Available until February 27, 2015

M-464a Sweet Corn
M-465a A Sweet Valentine
M-466b Valentine Workshop

New Sculpture! (12/7/2014)

M-521 Little Match Girl

New Sculptures! (11/7/2014)

M-514 Visions of Sugar Plums
M-515 My Little Snow Globe
M-516 Warm & Fuzzy
M-517 Under the Mistletoe
M-473c Checking It Twice
M-446a O Christmas Tree...
BB-19 Just for You!
M-518 I Have a Little Dreidel
M-519 Lighting the Menorah
M-520 Toboggan Twosome
M-512 Sharing a Story
M-513 Two by Two

Limited Accessories! (11/7/2014) Limited until January 9, 2015

A-23 Snowmom
A-24 Snowgirl
A-25 Snowboy

New Series--Vintage Snowdrops! (11/7/2014)

SA-1 Lullaby Angel
SA-2 Sing-along Angel
SA-3 Loving Angel

Limited Halloween Sculptures! (9/5/2014) Limited until October 31, 2014

M-412ss Halloween Dreams
M-482a Which Way Witch
M-357a Puppy Chow (in black or brown)
M-480c Itty Bitty Kitty (in black or gray)

New Christmas Sculptures! (9/5/2014)

M-510 Home at Christmas
M-M-510 Home at Christmas Background
M-510a Cozy Christmas Kitty
M-510b Pot Full of Goodies
M-511 Grandma's Book of Christmas

New Sculptures for Summer! (6/20/2014)

M-445a Wee Leaguer
$110.00 Limited until
August 31st, 2014
M-448b Statuesque
M-454e Honk for the USA!
M-483a Life of the Party!