Creative Hands Open House!
Saturday, June 18th!

Come see Penguin Pool, the second in the Wee Zoo series!
(If you missed out on the original Wee Zoo last year, we have just a few left. Please give us a call!)

Our Open House will be held Saturday, June 18th, at Creative Hands. We will also be meeting next door from 2:20pm to 5:30pm at Broken Earth Winery. A $20 gift certificate will be given to those who buy all three Open House pieces: the Wee Penguin Pool, the Penguin Couple, and the penguin Yummy! Note: You may order the pieces without having to attend the Open House.

M-445v Wee Penguin Pool
$400.00 Second in the Wee Zoo series
M-412vPEN Penguin Couple
$58.00 Companion piece
M-397v Wee Zoo
$500.00 The original 40th anniversary piece from 2015—Just a few left!

$45.00 Special display

A Specially Embellished Yummy! for Open House 2016 — Only at Creative Hands! Call to order now! (5/26/2016)

M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 Embellished with penguin

New Wee Forest Folk for 2016
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

New Limited Sculpture to celebrate Annette's 97th birthday! (6/14/2016)

M-330s Annette's Wee World
$448.00 Limited to orders placed by July 13, 2016

New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (5/19/2016)

M-468b Stars & Stripes Forever
$128.00 Limited until August 1, 2016
M-480d Starlet
$76.00 Limited until August 1, 2016
M-487a Conch for Freedom!
$88.00 Limited until August 1, 2016
M-570s Picnic in the Park
$334.00 Limited to 300

New Sculptures! (4/13/2016)

M-568 Baby's Onesie
M-569 Perk Up!
M-517a Mommy's Garden Helper
$288.00 Limited until June 1, 2016

New Sculptures for Spring! (2/26/2016)

M-566 A Tulip for You!
M-567 Wee Tweet Trio
TM-8 Wee Wedding Pair
$160.00 (May be personalized for extra charge)
  A-36 Tiny Easter Basket
A-37 Spring Bunny & Robin

Limited Sculptures for Spring! (2/26/2016) Limited until April 15, 2016

M-513a Shannon's Shamrock Friends
M-553a Mousey's Easter Bonnets
M-433a Mommy's Little Black Sheep
M-557c Special Easter Surprise!
$168.00 Limited to 300

New Sculptures for Valentine's! (1/21/2016)

M-559 She luvs u!
$58.00 Limited to 400
M-560 Yummy Boy!
$64.00 Limited to 400
M-561 Sharing Makes it Sweeter!
$118.00 Limited to 400
M-562 Yoo hoo!
$64.00 Limited to 300
M-563 He luvs u!
$62.00 Limited to 300
M-564 He's gaga for u!
$64.00 Limited to 300
M-565 Cocoa Couple
$108.00 Limited to 400
M-454f Honk for Valentine's Day!
M-557b Special Valentine's Surprise!
$168.00 Limited to 300

New Sculptures for Christmas! (11/3/2015)

M-543 Snowmouse...Sandy
M-544 Candy Cane...Chris
M-545 Chris-Mouse Tree...Lee
M-546 Present...Perry
M-547 Nutcracker...Noel
M-548 Penguin...Parker
M-549 Reindeer...Rudy
A-32 Wee Christmas Play Easel
A-31 Wee Christmas Play Stage
M-550 Santa's Elf Mouse
M-551 A Tiny Prayer
M-552 Momma Caroler
M-553 Merry Matchup
M-554 Bûche de Noël
M-555 Precious Peanut
M-556 Thanks for My Dolly, Mommy!
SA-4 Dearest Angel

New Limited Sculptures for Christmas! (11/3/2015) Limited until January 15, 2016

M-514s Surprised Santa!
$478.00 Limited to 500
M-557a Special Christmas Surprise
$168.00 Limited to 300
A-11a Merry Christmas Morning!
$260.00 (May be customized)
M-453g Christmas Candy Box Car
M-533a Christmas Crayons
A-34 Gift with Snowman
A-35 Gift with Reindeer

New Sculptures for Thanksgiving! (11/3/2015)

M-558 Cob Gobbler
A-33 The Old Stone Wall

New Sculptures for Halloween! (8/7/2015)

M-530 Halloween on a Hay Bale
M-531 Bushy Tail's Trail
M-532 Curious Crow
M-533 Drawn Together
M-534 Venomouse
M-535 Tally Ho!
M-536 Souper Man
M-537 S'more Please!
M-538 Gouda Boy
M-539 Popcorn Partier
M-540 I'm a Little Teapot
M-541 Tiny Teacup
M-542 Strawberry Sweetie
A-28 Wee Pumpkins Three
A-29 Tombstone Kitty
A-30 Apple Basket

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (8/7/2015) Available until October 31, 2015

M-323b Magical Creatures
M-302d Spooky Smorgasbord

New Historical Lovers! (7/14/2015)

M-529 Napoleon and Josephine

New Sculptures for July 4th! (6/8/2015)

M-526 Tiny Trike
M-528 Sparkle Sisters
A-26 RWB Picket Fence
M-468a It's a Grand Old Flag
$112.00 Limited until August 31, 2015
M-528a American Dream
$92.00 Limited until August 31, 2015

New Sculptures for Fathers Day! (5/22/2015)

M-525 My Hero
M-527 Little Couch Potato