New Wee Forest Folk for 2022
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

The Wee Mice are again on the road and touring garden locations across the USA in

Creative Hand's
"2021 Garden Walk" Series

We have two new outstanding sculptures to add to our garden series that will delight all the garden enthusiasts as well as those who just love beautiful pieces that depict the different areas of our country.

Sunflower Haven

The beautiful Sunflower can be seen on many garden walks across the US and is the perfect addition to our 2021 Garden Walk Series. It is known for its lovely large flower which brings joy to both young and old. It will be the perfect addition to any garden lover's collection.

M-579v Sunflower Haven

In addition, the Garden Walk sign is the perfect touch to help guide all mousey travelers throughout their walk so not to miss any spectacular garden piece.

Garden sign

A-CHv Garden sign

ORDER TODAY - quantities will be limited and are exclusive to Creative Hands
Contact or call 847-634-0545


If you're interested in seeing the other
Creative Hands Garden Walk Event Pieces

(Sorry, all sold out)

M-674CHv Mushroom Forest
M-397CHv Flamingo Cove
M-559v Desert Garden
M-561v Venus Flytrap
or some of the previous zoo series (all sold out) (click here or image below)

New Limited Sculptures for Valentines! (1/25/2022) Limited until April 1st, 2022

M-699a Be Mine Honey Bee!
M-718a My Love for You

New Sculptures for Christmas! (11/18/2021)

M-715 Hot Cocoa Comin' Up!
M-716 Snacking Santa
M-717 Stollen Kisses
M-718 Brightest Star!
M-515a My Little Snow Globe
M-655a Wrap It Up!

New Limited Sculptures for Christmas! (11/18/2021)

M-270d3 Pine Tree Pickup
$254 Limited until March 1st, 2022
M-453s Toy Treasures
$268 Limited until February 1st, 2022

New Incentive for Christmas! (11/18/2021)

INC-21 Mini Holiday Package
$22; one free per customer with $100 purchase

New Sculptures for Thanksgiving! (10/27/2021)

A-63 Pumpkin Pilgrimage
M-270d2 Pumpkin Pickup
$254 Available until February 1, 2022
M-714 Abigail's Acorn (blue)
M-714 Abigail's Acorn (mustard)

New Limited Sculpture for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! (10/1/2021) Available until October 31st, 2021

M-693g Sending Love & Hope

New Sculptures for Halloween! (9/14/2021)

M-710 Mouse Racer
M-710 Mouse Racer
M-711 Pumpkin Snowman
M-712 Luna Mouse
M-713 The Storyteller
M-713 The Storyteller

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (9/14/2021) Available until November 15th, 2021

M-707a Unique Unicorn
M-669c Gone Bananas!
M-677a Bat Boo Boo Rescue
M-711 Pumpkin Snowman

New Incentive for Halloween! (9/14/2021) Available until October 31st, 2021

INC-20 Mini Cupcakes
One free with $100 purchase or $20 each

New Limited Sculptures for Back to School! (9/3/2021) Available until October 15th, 2021

M-612a Snack Time! (green)
M-612a Snack Time! (yellow)

New Incentive for Back to School! (9/3/2021) Available until October 15th, 2021

INC-19 Mini School Books
One free with $100 purchase or $20 each

New Sculpture for Halloween! (7/28/2021)

M-709 Come out and play-it's Halloween!

New Limited Sculptures for Summer! (6/25/2021)

M-270d1 Palm Beach Pickup
$274 Available until 11/15/21
M-349f Sun and Games!
$98 Available until 9/1/21
A-62 Sunshine Float
$88 Available until 9/1/21

New Sculptures for Summer! (6/25/2021)

M-691a Beach Buddies (purple)
M-708 Perfect Beach Day!

New Incentive for Summer! (6/25/2021)

INC-18 Tiny Beach Toys
One free with $100 purchase or $20 each

New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (6/2/2021) Limited until September 1st, 2021

M-514a Star Spangled Snoozers
M-499c My Country Heart
A-61 RWB Float

New Incentive! (6/2/2021)

INC-17 Tiny Patriotic Cookies
One free with $100 order, additional availble for $25 each

New Sculpture for Father's Day! (5/11/2021)

M-676a Reel Chums

New Limited Sculptures for Annette's 102th Birthday! (5/11/2021) Limited until July 15th, 2021

M-611a Wee Wishes
M-611a Wee Wishes

New Incentive! (5/11/2021)

INC-16 Tiny Slice of Cake
$20...Get one free with $100 purchase!

New Limited Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/16/2021) Limited to July 15th, 2021

M-693f Mom's Special Day (blue)
M-693f Mom's Special Day (pink)

New Incentive! (4/16/2021) Available until May 10th, 2021

INC-15 Mini Flower Pots
$20; one free per customer with $100 purchase

New Sculptures for Easter! (3/4/2021)

M-707 Poached Easter Eggs
M-631c Easter Egg Cut Outs
$114 Limited until June 15th, 2021

New Incentive! (3/4/2021)

INC-14 Tiny Easter Basket
3 Colors!
Free with any mouse or bunny order until April 5th

New Limited Sculptures for St. Patrick's Day! (2/22/2021) Limited to May 15th, 2021

M-580a Lucky Lassie
M-465b Irish Smooch

New Sculptures for Valentines Day! (1/30/2021)

M-705 Saucer Sliders
M-706a Loads of Love (pink)
M-706b Loads of Love (blue)