It's our 40th Anniversary! (6/14/2015)

Our 40th anniversary celebration was held Saturday, June 13th, but if you missed it and still want to get the pieces, they will be available for a limited time. Click on the images for more views and more information.

M-397v Wee Zoo
$500.00 Creative Hands 40th anniversary piece
M-412v Blake
$54.00 companion piece (1"W x .75"H)

See our anniversary page for details!

A Specially Embellished Yummy! Only at Creative Hands! Call to order now! (5/15/2013)
M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 Embellished with apple...Mmmm!

New Wee Forest Folk for 2015
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

New Sculptures for Halloween! (8/7/2015)

M-530 Halloween on a Hay Bale
M-531 Bushy Tail's Trail
M-532 Curious Crow
M-533 Drawn Together
M-534 Venomouse
M-535 Tally Ho!
M-536 Souper Man
M-537 S'more Please!
M-538 Gouda Boy
M-539 Popcorn Partier
M-540 I'm a Little Teapot
M-541 Tiny Teacup
M-542 Strawberry Sweetie
A-28 Wee Pumpkins Three
A-29 Tombstone Kitty
A-30 Apple Basket

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (8/7/2015) Available until October 31, 2015

M-323b Magical Creatures
M-302d Spooky Smorgasbord

New Historical Lovers! (7/14/2015)

M-529 Napoleon and Josephine

New Sculptures for July 4th! (6/8/2015)

M-526 Tiny Trike
M-528 Sparkle Sisters
A-26 RWB Picket Fence
M-468a It's a Grand Old Flag
$112.00 Limited until August 31, 2015
M-528a American Dream
$92.00 Limited until August 31, 2015

New Sculptures for Fathers Day! (5/22/2015)

M-525 My Hero
M-527 Little Couch Potato

New Limited Sculptures for Mothers Day! (4/9/2015) Available until June 1, 2015

M-240c I Love You, Mom!
M-463a Mommies at the Park

New Sculptures for Easter! (2/27/2015)

M-445b Mary's Little Lamb
M-522 Teddy's Easter Hug
M-523 Cozy Easter Couple
M-524 Easter Morning Surprise

New Limited Sculpture for Easter! (2/27/2015) Available until April 30, 2015

M-353b Peep, Peep...Surprise!

New Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/24/2015)

M-499a Little Sweetheart Girl
M-477a How Sweet It Is!

New Limited Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/24/2015) Available until February 27, 2015

M-464a Sweet Corn
M-465a A Sweet Valentine
M-466b Valentine Workshop

New Sculpture! (12/7/2014)

M-521 Little Match Girl

New Sculptures! (11/7/2014)

M-514 Visions of Sugar Plums
M-515 My Little Snow Globe
M-516 Warm & Fuzzy
M-517 Under the Mistletoe
M-473c Checking It Twice
M-446a O Christmas Tree...
BB-19 Just for You!
M-518 I Have a Little Dreidel
M-519 Lighting the Menorah
M-520 Toboggan Twosome
M-512 Sharing a Story
M-513 Two by Two

Limited Accessories! (11/7/2014) Limited until January 9, 2015

A-23 Snowmom
A-24 Snowgirl
A-25 Snowboy

New Series--Vintage Snowdrops! (11/7/2014)

SA-1 Lullaby Angel
SA-2 Sing-along Angel
SA-3 Loving Angel

Limited Halloween Sculptures! (9/5/2014) Limited until October 31, 2014

M-412ss Halloween Dreams
M-482a Which Way Witch
M-357a Puppy Chow (in black or brown)
M-480c Itty Bitty Kitty (in black or gray)

New Christmas Sculptures! (9/5/2014)

M-510 Home at Christmas
M-M-510 Home at Christmas Background
M-510a Cozy Christmas Kitty
M-510b Pot Full of Goodies
M-511 Grandma's Book of Christmas