New Wee Forest Folk for 2014
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

A Specially Embellished Yummy! Only at Creative Hands! Call to order now! (5/15/2013)
M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 Embellished with apple...Mmmm!

New Sculptures for Summer! (6/20/2014)

M-445a Wee Leaguer
$110.00 Limited until
August 31st, 2014
M-448b Statuesque
M-454e Honk for the USA!
M-483a Life of the Party!

New Sculptures for Spring! (5/24/2014)

M-505a Get Inline!
M-505b Get Inline!
M-506a Fetch!
M-506b Fetch!
NM-5a Mr. Nibbles
$96.00 Available in blue or purple
NM-6 Mr. Nibbles Comes A 'Calling
$162.0 Available in purple/lavender or blue/yellow
M-475a Dreamboat
$265.00 Limited until June 1, 2015

Annette's Limited Forget-me-nots! (4/2/2014)

B-2s Housekeeping Bunny w/Kerchief
$94.00 Available only during April
M-14s Nightie Mouse
$94.00 Available only during April
H-1s Miss Hippo
$86.00 Available only during May
H-3s Baby Hippo
$78.00 Available only during May
D-1s Miss Ducky
$86.00 Available only during June
TS-1s Turtle Jogger
$78.00 Available only during June
RC-3s Bird Watcher Raccoon
$106.00 Available only during July
P-11s Holly Hog
$126.00 Available only during July

New Easter Sculptures! (3/19/2014)

M-502 Honey Bunnies
M-503 Petit Papillion
$96.00 Available in pink or blue
M-504a Easter Basket Bounty
M-504b Easter Basket Bounty

New Limited Easter Sculptures! (3/19/2014) Available until April 30th, 2014

M-466a Easter Eggstravaganza
TM-5a Bunny's Hilltop Hollow

New St. Patrick's Day Sculptures! (2/27/2014)

A-22 Luck o' the Lady...bug!
M-501 Patti's Pot o' Gold

New Limited Valentine Sculptures! (1/18/2014) Available until February 24th, 2014

M-331b Love You!
M-331c Love You Too!
M-349a A Stolen Kiss
M-460a Sweetheart Spin

New Christmas Sculptures! (11/14/2013)

M-497 Come Along-It's Christmas!
NM-5 Elegant Mr. Nibble
M-499 Gingerbread Girl
A-21 Just a Snowman
M-500 North Pole Promenade
M-498 Snuggled in for Christmas

New Limited Christmas Sculptures! (11/14/2013) Available until January 3rd, 2014

TM-6a A Gift for Mr. & Mrs. Tweet
M-383b A Wee Holiday Delivery
$97.00 Available in blue or purple shirt
M-456a Christmas Couple
CO-2a Christmas Wishes
M-311f Packages Galore & More!
M-286a Naughty or Nice?
$68.00 Available in brown, black, white, or light brown

New Autumn & Thanksgiving Sculptures! (10/17/2013)

M-493 Fall Fling
M-494 Autumn Frolic
M-495 Cheerful Chore
M-496 Wee Pumpkin and Pie
M-454d Honk for Thanksgiving!
M-469a Balloon Best Friend

New & Limited Halloween Sculptures! (9/5/2013)

M-490 Little Mouse in Scary Bear!
M-491 Happy Lobster Treater!
M-492 Sweet Starfish Treater
M-392a Playing Princess
$124.00 Limited until October 31st, 2013
M-323a Looking Over 1st Prize
$160.00 Limited until October 31st, 2013
M-473ca and M-473cb
Itty Bitty Pumpkin Girl or Boy

$48.00 ea Limited until October 31st, 2013
M-314c Spooky Speeder
M-354a Wicked Pretty
$172.00 Limited until October 31st, 2013
A-20a Fence with Kitty
A-20b Rustic Fence
A-20c Fence with Mousey

New Limited Sculpture! (8/15/2013) Available until September 15th, 2013

M-2013 Pumpkin Junction

New Limited Sculptures! (6/25/2013) Available until July 31st, 2013

M-431a Goldenlocks
BB-5a The Bear Family

New Note Cards! (6/20/2013) Single: $3.50; pack of 10: $30.00

Bear Picnic
Mice with Flowers
Degas Bunny
Monet Kitty

New Sculptures! (6/6/2013)

M-480 Coaxing Kitty with Kibble
M-480a Kitty Cupboard
M-480b Wee Mousey's House
M-481 Breezing Along
M-484 Inflatable Float
$129.00 (corrected 6/20/2013)
M-485 Skitterish
$96.00 (corrected 6/20/2013)
M-486 Last One In!
M-487 Conch Quest
M-488 Here Comes the Fun!
M-489 Li'l Medusa
M-278a Ducky Dip
$134.00 Limited until July 31st, 2013
M-453e Caboose
M-453f Christmas Caboose