Here are some rare and unique pieces from the "Mouseum" at Creative Hands.
Sorry, they are from Ed's collection and are not for sale.
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beaver.JPG (37080 bytes) docratgray.JPG (34632 bytes) docratbrown.JPG (44794 bytes)
BV-1 Beaver Wood Cutter R-2 Doc Rat R-2 Doc Rat

mamabearpink.JPG (39082 bytes) mamabearblue.JPG (48699 bytes) nightymouse.JPG (34775 bytes) ballerina2.jpg (12777 bytes)
BR-4 Big Lady Bear BR-4 Big Lady Bear M-14 Nightie-Mouse M-38 Mouse Ballerina

straw1.JPG (45171 bytes) straw3.JPG (47813 bytes) straw2.JPG (66156 bytes)
M-2a Miss Mouse M-2a Miss Mouse M-2a Miss Mouse

beauty.JPG (79682 bytes) king.JPG (48626 bytes) queen.JPG (54685 bytes)
Beauty & the Beast TM-1 King Tut TM-2 Queen Tut

towncrier.JPG (73623 bytes) comfront.JPG (68762 bytes) comback.JPG (65815 bytes)
M-28 Town Crier Mouse M-42 Commo-Dormouse (front) M-42 Commo-Dormouse (rear)

longnotail.JPG (80852 bytes)

shortnotail.JPG (76054 bytes) shortwtail.JPG (76761 bytes)
Long Cape, wolf without tail
(oldest version)
Short Cape, wolf without tail
Short Cape,wolf with tail

3 versions of Red Riding Hood and Wolf