Here are some rare and unique pieces from the "Mouseum" at Creative Hands.
Sorry, they are from Ed's collection and are not for sale.
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Mrs Owl.JPG (33456 bytes) owl.JPG (23066 bytes) barrister.JPG (22577 bytes)
O-2 Mrs Owl 0-6 Graduate Owl M-57 Barrister Mouse

gardener.JPG (21005 bytes) carpenter.JPG (21513 bytes) fisher.JPG (32636 bytes)
M-37 Gardener Mouse M-49 Carpenter Mouse M-41 Fisher Mouse

duet.JPG (31617 bytes) carolersgreen.JPG (32705 bytes) lone_caroler.JPG (21053 bytes)
M-29 Mouse Duet M-63 The Carolers M-64 Lone Caroler

bowhat.JPG (20874 bytes) bridge1.JPG (21808 bytes) bridge2.JPG (22551 bytes)
M-2B Miss Mouse with Bow Hat M-21 Bridge Player M-20 Bridge Player

pegleg.JPG (26064 bytes) pirate.JPG (31159 bytes) Goodknight.JPG (20345 bytes)
M-27 Pirate Mouse M-47 Pirate Mouse M-4 Good Knight Mouse