Here are some rare and unique pieces from the "Mouseum" at Creative Hands.
Sorry, they are from Ed's collection and are not for sale.
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travel1.JPG (72656 bytes)

travel2.JPG (66086 bytes)
BR-5 Traveling Bear BR-5 Traveling Bear

frogfriends2.JPG (72621 bytes)

frogfriends.JPG (82216 bytes) grandpa2.JPG (58064 bytes) grampafrog.JPG (47090 bytes)
F-3 Frog Friends F-3 Frog Friends Grandpa Frog Grandpa Frog

profrabbit.JPG (47764 bytes)

sirrabbit.JPG (72379 bytes) broom.JPG (53856 bytes)
B-4 The Professor B-3 Sir Rabbit B-6 Broom Bunny

farmer.JPG (39057 bytes)

pigcop.JPG (72093 bytes) teddies.JPG (69391 bytes)
M-5 Farmer Mouse P-8 Piggy Policeman TT-1 Tiny Teddy and
T-1 Little Teddy

brideandgroom.JPG (39061 bytes)

schoolmarm.JPG (31037 bytes) missteach.JPG (41570 bytes) skater.jpg (28123 bytes)
M-24 Wedding Mice M-56 School Marm M-45 Miss Teach MS-2 Skater Mouse